I got an email the other day from the company I had a temp job with a couple of months ago. The position will be opening up again for a few months and they reached out to me to work again. This is perfect because I really enjoyed my time there and it means income security for a few months.

This time around I want to make the most of my time there. My last three month stint there was fine, but I was stressed about personal things (moving and life) and was also working another job, which made it hard for me to focus on making the most of the temp experience.  I’ve been reading some helpful tips on maximizing on other blogs and I plan to compile some of those resources on another post.

My goals this time around include: working really hard, networking more and managing my time better (no tardiness or last-minute schedule adjustments and I still want to do some ride-sharing in my free time). That’s all I’ve got so far and I know I can get more out of this temp position than that. I need some guidance.