I am in the middle of a life/career overhaul. Now, more than ever, I need to work on my budget and increase my sources of income. I left my comfortable, long-time job not too long ago, but I’ll get into my job past (and future) at some point. For now I am going to focus on where I am financially.


Let me say this now: I AM BROKE. I have a ton of debt, blew through pretty much all of my savings since leaving my old job and I am barely making it on an Uber income while I wait on my temporary position to start up again to make some real money.

As it stands today, I have $203 in both my savings and checking accounts. I have a balance on my credit card (not super terrible) and I also have student loans. Though I wish I could pay it all down ASAP, the truth is that right now, this month, I can’t do more than just survive and hope not to incur late fees on my bills. So yeah, I am really starting from the bottom!


In 22 days I leave to Peru for ten days to visit my family. My sister is graduating from culinary school after studying and living in Peru for a few years. I need to make sure that I have enough money to cover all of my bill payments and leave some spending money for the trip.

For now, I just have a very short-term financial goal: make 100-120 (on average) every day until I go to Peru. I’ll update my progress every three days. Til then!